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Mike Beck CD
Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter / Co-Producer
Worldwide CD release September 2003 (Big Ugly Music & Media)

Chicago Mike CD - Out-of-Print
Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter / Co-Producer

European CD release October 2002 (Big Ugly Music & Media)

Half Past Midnight: Live In Chicago
Executive Producer
Guest Vocalist on The Harley Song

CD released December 14, 2002 (Savage Music)
Artist: Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight

The Singing Encyclopedia CD
CD released January 2002 (Mindspeak
Artist / Songwriter / Producer: Rich Maisel

Candy Bar Song
MP3 Single release 1998
Artist & Songwriter: Gary "Wheaties" Allen

One of my favorite Midwest incarnations of Big Eyed Beans From Venus, outdoors on the patio at Donelli's Pub in Lake Bluff, Illinois on Saturday, August 10, 2002. Dave Bagdade - Mandolin, Andy Sabin - Drums, me, and Tom Gerlach - bass.

Mike Beck Bandography

Big Eyed Beans From Venus
I can't seem to find musicians who are willing to put up with my bullshit for more than a couple gigs in a row, so everywhere Big Eyed Beans From Venus performs, there is a new roster of band members. I enjoy the challenge and sense of musical reinvention this brings to each performance, though when I have a lineup that gets to play together for several performances in a row, the results can be staggering. The Fall 2002 European tour was like this... By the end of the tour, the band was devastating! Luckily most of the Beans from the Fall 2002 European Tour got to play together again January 24 & 25, 2003 at the Barbary Coast in Murray, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival and we'll probably get to do it again in June 2003.

Dan Starck & The Dan Starck Band


Lip Service

The Aaaaahhhsmonds

Joint Venture & The Acapulco Gold-Diggers

Happy Highway / Powderwood

Tony Lahaina & The Shit Slinging Monkeys

Rude Folk

Moonlight Mile

Bleu Cheez
with Doug + Joe Fee


Dead Flowers

Omega Chapter

Rocky Horribles

Garden Weasel


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