Buy Mike's CD for $15 by clicking on the CD cover below,
and 1/2 the money from your purchase will go to help kids.


Want to help more kids?
Buy CDs for your friends and family -- They make great gifts!

Where does the money go?

Of the $15 you pay for Mike's CD by clicking on the above album cover, here's where the money goes:

$2.50 goes to Stand Up For Kids
Stand Up For Kids is a nationally acclaimed organization committed to the rescue of homeless and street kids. National statistics report the number of homeless kids at more than 1.5 million. More than 500 thousand are still under the age of 15, and some are as young as nine! Thirteen children die on the streets of America EVERY DAY! Since 1990, Stand Up For Kids has been walking the streets to rescue, educate, and engage homeless and at-risk youth.

$2.50 goes to
Kids with Cameras is an international nonprofit organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world. They use photography to empower children, to build their confidence and self-esteem. By exhibiting the children's photographs and stories in exhibitions, books, web sites and film, they share their visions and voices with the world. Kids with Cameras links with local organizations and provides scholarships for the children's education beyond photography.

$2.50 goes to The Paul & Lisa Program
The Paul & Lisa Program was established as a street outreach effort to free children, youth and young adults from being victimized through sexual exploitation. The Paul & Lisa Program works to find solutions and referrals for their health, financial, educational, legal, and emotional problems, redirecting and empowering youth to take control of their lives and leave the streets, educating and informing the general public, and in particular young people at-risk, about the sexual exploitation of youth and young adults and its consequences, and encouraging individuals and organizations to become public advocates for this underserved and highly needful population.

$7.50 goes to Big Ugly Music & Media, Mike's record label
Big Ugly Music & Media pays the recording, manufacturing, distribution and promotional costs for the CD, pays royalties to the songwriters whose work appears on the CD, and pays Mike, the producers and the other musicians that performed on the CD.

You can also help kids, adults, animals and our planet by following each of the links below.

You can help just by clicking on a link -- Money is automatically generated from sponsors who pay these organizations for the exposure they receive! Amazing!


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