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"(If) The Soup Is Good"

from Big Eyed Beans From Fryslân

Now being heard on radio stations throughout Europe and North America

Radio Stations & Programs
airing music by Mike Beck
and Big Eyed Beans From Venus:

Musica Country
Albertslund NærRadio 94.5 FM
Copenhagen, Denmark
Host: Anne-Lykke Elling

Hellwegradio 100.9 FM
Soest, Germany

Alphen Stad FM
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
Host: Jaap Hoek

Live Alive
WOS 87.6 FM
's-Gravenzande, The Netherlands
Host: Erik Prins

Bluezy Radio
Radio Ridderkerk
Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
Host: Nico Bravenboer

Bluesiana Radio
Radio Purmerend
Purmerend, The Netherlands
Host: Frank van Engelen

Radio Rijnwoude 106.5 FM
Hazerwoude, The Netherlands

Omroep Flevoland / Radio Flevoland
Ermelo, The Netherlands

Omroep Fryslân / Radio Fryslân
Fryslân, The Netherlands

Omroep Zwolle / Radio Zwolle
Zwolle, The Netherlands

KRCL Radio Free Utah 90.9 FM
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

KPCW 91.9 FM
Park City, Utah USA

WIDB 104.3 FM
Carbondale, Illinois USA

Thank you so much for all your support!!!

If you know a radio station or DJ that would enjoy (If) The Soup Is Good or my full-length CD, please email and let me know!




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