S/S Norway
North Cape Lounge

The Caribbean
Friday, July 12, 2002

Mike's grandparents, Anne and Mickey Chernin, brought the whole family on a Caribbean cruise on the S/S Norway to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Meeting other musicians onboard during the weeklong cruise led to an impromptu performance by Mike, his sister Elissa and the "S/S Norway Drifters" in the ship's North Cape Lounge.

Mike performing with the S/S Norway Drifters in the North Cape Lounge on the cruise ship S/S Norway.

From left to right, Richard on Mandolin, David of the S/S Norway show band on sax, Mark on Drums, Elissa Rosen on lead vocals, Mike playing acoustic guitar, Jake Niemiec on djembe drum, and Pine on acoustic guitar.
The S/S Norway Drifters performed two songs that afternoon... First, a soul stirring version of T-Bone Walker's Stormy Monday Blues, with Elissa wowing the crowd with her powerful vocals. Then the group was joined by Long Island musical prodigy Scott Kish on bass guitar for Midnight Special.

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