Café de Tapperij
Julianadorp, gem. Den Helder, The Netherlands
Saturday, October 19, 2002

I'm not sure why we only got three photos of our entire night at De Tapperij, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Frankie was making out with a local buxom blonde beauty. We must have been sounding pretty good though, 'cuz she was all over Frankie before he could even get down from the stage! Woo hoo!

Julianadorp is a small town in the vicinity of Den Helder, in the very Northwestern tip of the Netherlands. Other than losing a small part of our PA equipment (damn, the coffee they serve in those coffeeshops is strong!), this was a great night. It was also one of the longest road trips we had to make back to our home in Ravenswaaij.

In the Spring of 2002, Jared Gallardo, Steve Kouba and I wrapped up the Big Eyed Beans From Venus tour here. It's a great place to come back to... Friendly, fun people that love to sing! Thanks Jac!

Fuzziest. Fuzzier. Fuzzy.

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